Sunday, June 5, 2011

Channeling my inner Tami Taylor. . .

Tomorrow I will begin my residency in Instructional Leadership at Bob Jones High School. I will be working with one of the assistant principals for 10 days during summer school. I’ve got my dress ironed, my bag packed, my folder ready, and the coffee pot set. I know what forms I have to complete for each day and what standards I need to make sure I cover. I’ve met with the administrator, and I know where to park and what time to arrive. I’m ready . . . right?

Craig and I love the show- Friday Night Lights. Actually, we became addicted to the show, and when the last episode aired this season, I cried. It was such a real life kind of show, based on a high school football coach, whose wife, Tami, was a high school principal and counselor. Tami is my all time favorite character. Classy, sassy, and always dressed to the nine. I love that she can rock boots with her dress (the show is set in Texas) and that she is a mom of 2 and dedicated educator. She (well, her character) cares about her students and always makes the right decision in tough situations. The way she runs her school and fights for what she knows is right is what I love about her. And I think it’s awesome that she is a female high school principal.

I am completely aware that the show is fiction, no worries, but I love the way she embodies the job of principal. Tomorrow, when I enter BJHS, I will be envisioning Tami Taylor. While I may not be rocking the cowboy boots, I hope to have an ounce of her confidence to get me through the day!

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