Friday, July 8, 2011

West Virginia

Just a few pictures from our trip to West Virginia. Craig and I have been for the past 3 summers for the White Family Reunion. Craig’s dad grew up in White Sulphur Springs. We usually take a ride through his old stomping grounds. It’s a beautiful area right in the middle of the mountains. This year, we even found the cemetery where his grandparents are buried. We may, or may not, have “trespassed” and I use that term loosely. We just had to drive up through a grassy pasture and then go through a gate.

We saw deer everywhere this year!

Driving through the beautiful mountains near Gap Mills, West Virginia.

We didn’t find the headstone of Herb’s grandparents. Lots of them were very overgrown. I took a few pictures though and we traipsed through the weeds. Craig was very squeamish of the sunken in parts of the ground. It was funny to me to see him that nervous.

One of the places where Herb went to school.

Craig and some of his sweet aunts at the Reunion.

The Igo Bunch

Craig, Uncle Myles, and Herb

We stayed in Lewisburg, about half an hour from White Sulphur Springs. Downtown Lewisburg is cute and has lots of history!