Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010- A Year in Pictures

Happy New Year 2010!
Snow Day :)
January Ladies' Retreat
One of my new and dearest friends, April and I did a skit together
The Nail Salon!
Sweet Friends at Ladies' Retreat
This is what we do at school. . .
2nd Grade Teachers at our Academic Super Bowl
March Homebuilder's Baja Trip
with the Villanueva children
The MOST AMAZING place I have ever eaten in Mexico-Chispas- just ask Bethany- I ate my weight in burritos that night :)
Easter at Granny's house
I hosted Abby's lingerie shower and then we headed to Nashville for her bachelorette party!
The best class I've ever had- sweet babies in their AR Model Classroom shirts

Craig turns 28!

The Dance Company celebrated it's 20th Anniversary!
Here are some of the girls who "grew up" at TDC. We performed at the Evening show.
TDC Teachers
Abby and I both took dance here for 15 years and we both taught this year.
This was my 3rd year as a teacher.

My 25th Birthday Dinner @ FireBirds in B'ham- on the way to--
--the beach! to celebrate Mama's 50th bday!
Gulf Shores
I ran the Cotton Row 10K and then the 5k with Abby. So much fun!
Abby and Jeremy get married- June 2010
Trip to the beach with the Minors!

Trip to West Virginia for the White Family Reunion- 4th of July weekend
Happy 4th of July!!
Being chauffeured by my nieces on the paddle boat
July 17- Leah Wood gets married!
For 2 weeks in July, I was a co-director with April for the Inner City Program-Connect 3.
We took the kids to the McWane Science Center in B'ham at the end of the 2 weeks.
Our awesome group of kids.
2nd Grade Teachers on the day of our Johnny Appleseed Celebration
Alabama-Florida Game
October 2010
Ribbon Cutting of the Tim Nash Pavilion at 305 8th Street
Craig was the lead on this project and I am so proud for all his hard work. The team did a great job on this project.
Trunk or Treat at Mayfair
BJHS-Hoover Football Game
We got to see Jonathan in the Hoover band and tailgate with Ron and Lynne.
Craig and Bear at the duck club in Arkansas
Amy and I finish the St. Jude Marathon!
Merry Christmas!
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day SNOW!!!

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  1. Love all those pictures! What a great year you had!! Love you! :)