Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The cake, the dress, and THE earrings. . .

Craig and I spent this past weekend in Hamilton, Alabama for Leah's wedding weekend. I need to give Craig a big shout out (like he reads this, but whatever) for being such a GREAT sport- and I'm actually not being sarcastic.

We started off our trip on Friday afternoon. I flew in from Connect3 with barely enough time to shower after a morning of skating, throw a few more things in my bag, grab my bridesmaids dress and hit the road. We barely made it out of town before a storm blew in. I was hungry and irritable when we hit the road, so after a stop for snacks the trip became a little more enjoyable! We needed to be in Hamilton by 5 for rehearsal, and we were pushing it. But, we made it with a few minutes to spare. Rehearsal went well, or as well as expected when 2 groomsmen are absent. Craig had to fill in for one- which happened to be the one I was paired with. Being his funny self, Craig got the groomsmen around him all riled up, and got "shhhh-ed" by the wedding director. Classic. He wasn't even in the wedding party!

After rehearsal we headed to Dolly's Country Kitchen, a cute little restaurant in Hamilton, for the rehearsal dinner. We ended the night at Leah's sister's house to spend some time with Leah, the wedding party and her family.
Bridesmaids & Paula at Rachel's House
Bridesmaids with the bride

The next morning, I headed off for the Bridesmaids' Brunch at 9, leaving Craigo alone all day. He may say he was bored, but I think he secretly enjoyed the down time.
Our gift- cute houndstooth bag, robe, and fabulous earrings!

Leah had her hairdresser come to her house to do everyone's hair, so our afternoon consisted of hair, make up, helping set up a few things for the reception, saving the groom's cake ;), and trying to keep Leah's dad from killing the florist for being a little (ok, 2 hours) late. It was like we were in the movie Father of the Bride! I loved it.
The groom's cake being "altered" by one that shall remain nameless. . . the green flowers HAD to go.

Our earrings were beautiful and literally weighed 5 lbs. EACH.

THE CAKE! It was SO Leah and tasted as great as it looked!

The wedding was beautiful and went wonderfully. We got to see Tim and Heather- which was wonderful treat. The weather cooperated and the outdoor reception was beautiful. We had a fabulous time!
AOII Sisters

Tim & Heather

My Favorite Guy!

Loving learning how to use my new camera. Here is my "artsy" shot of the night! :)

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  1. Aww, you look so pretty :) So glad y'all had such a good time. What a beautiful wedding cake!