Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last Thursday was the BJHS Homecoming Parade in Madison. One unique thing about a "small" town like Madison is the tradition of Homecoming. I've been going to the parade since I was in elementary school, then in high school I was in the parade, and now I still love watching it! We met my parents and Robert and Amy and her mom. It was a gorgeous afternoon and the parade was great.

BJHS Dance Team
I've known Allison since she was 3. Love watching her on dance team now!
Craig and Robert planning their escape to Casa. . . .
Madison City Elementary Principals
Dr. Dee Fowler- Superintendent
He walked!
BJ Drumline- they are so good!
"Coach" Parker- BJ Principal

Yes, this is Craig running into the street to get the sour patch kids that were thrown.
My favorite picture of the night....

Me & Mama

Coach Rose- BJ Football Coach

The Football Team
So the guys in the Homecoming Court drive 4-wheelers. . . .
Except for Levi. . . he drove a pimped out golf cart that played rap music. Awesome.
The Patriot

We ended the night at where else but Casa. We parked there before the parade so we'd be close. Craig and Robert left right before the end of the parade to get us a table and I'm glad they did. Only half of Madison came to eat after there afterwards. It was crazy- but delicious as always! A fun way to end a fabulous afternoon!

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